27 Oct 2007

Bulb Fiction
This artwork is a remake of a post a few month before. It looks similar but i made it completely new for my exibition - 24.11.07, 20:00 Uhr in the Menagerie in Hanover. I wanted to make it corresponding with this one, so i drew it new and colored it.

22 Oct 2007

Doodling around
Currently i'm in a doleful mood, like you can see in this picture. So i don't start new projects but doodled 'round
and made a smokin' whaler.
Remember: Never stop drawin'!

13 Oct 2007

Some Facedoodles
Think he's an arabic vizier who would like to be caliph instead of the caliph.

11 Oct 2007

Poor homeless goblin
I made this Artwork for ArtJumble. Theme of the week: witches, ghosts and goblins

7 Oct 2007

On a Party
Acryl on Canvas
80 cm x 100 cm

Inspired by Ricardos excellent analog work I took out brush and easel and painted two friends of mine.

© All artworks copyright by Joern Frank Gebert