31 Mar 2007

The only good thing in grandmas annual self-knitted christmas-pullovers is that you can't really show your happyness about.

26 Mar 2007

Two scribbled faces, done while boring sunday-evening tv.
Think the left one was a german politician, i forget his name.

18 Mar 2007

Sunday the 18th, 0:36, Hanover, Otto-Brenner-Str. (while the Cebit):
Chicks go wild, guys pay.

17 Mar 2007

Alois' light-bulp-moment
(while watching his dog).


12 Mar 2007

Herr Raff spielt langsam und schwermütig einen der berüchtigten Schwebebässe (was bekanntlich zu gefährlichem Kopfbrummen führen kann)

Mr. Raff is performing one of these notorious hovering contrabasses very adagio and melancholic (what may cause dangerous head-buzzing)

6 Mar 2007

Pure unadulterated kitsch

2 Mar 2007

Drummin' for the Heimer
Trommeln für die Heimer!

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