30 Dec 2010


23 Dec 2010

Urbi et orbi

10 Dec 2010

2 Dec 2010

16 Oct 2010

James Hetfield/Metallica

Just needed a look in the mirror to draw his facial expression on this rainy
and cold saturday afternoon :(

14 Oct 2010

Same Cash, colored version

From the sketch below, digital colored.

13 Oct 2010

another Johnny Cash sketch in my moleskine

Done in a really unsteady train :)
I used the same reverence pic as below.

5 Oct 2010

Johnny Cash speedpainting

Tried to need exact an hour. And stop. Whew, hard to ignore all the things that could be done :)

29 Sep 2010

Amy Whinehouse sketch

Actually just a warmup, but it became good ... Please consider the new tatoo :)

20 Sep 2010

John Leguizamo

13 Sep 2010

Thilo Sarrazin

Kaum gezeichnet schon tritt er ab.

7 Sep 2010


Caricature of a friend of mine. I tried some new technics and brushes and i'm quite happy with it.

6 Sep 2010

Côte Azur

...and the intention? I had a long and nice holiday in France. Perhaps i could imagin my friends and me like this in future:)
pencil sketch/digital coloring

27 Aug 2010


A birthday present for my friend Alex (i hope, he still is :)

Holiday sketchbook

Les Camail too
In Antibes,  taking a break
From my Terrace in Les Camails
... doors don't move ;)

16 Aug 2010

Sophia Loren - colored version

It was very difficult this time, 'cause i tried to enhance her beauty and not to make her ugly :)

14 Aug 2010

Sophia Loren sketch

... will be finished soon.

11 Aug 2010

Gérard Depardieu

... for the weekly Caricaturama Showdown 3000.

30 Jul 2010

Back from france ...

... with a few new sketches. Here's the first one, it's a very little village, Les Camails in the Provence near the Cote Azur, we had a small house right of the picture.

26 Jun 2010

Megan Fox

20 Jun 2010

Boom Boom - John Lee Hooker

I found this old sketch a few days ago and finished it digital.

19 Jun 2010

Harry Shearer from Spinal Tap

It's nice but different drawing a face nobody really knows (only with beard and metal-outfit:)

7 Jun 2010

Tilda Swinton

... such a difficult face, hard to draw.

27 May 2010

Keith Richards

What a face. Like the Grand Canyon. Always thinking if it's really a caricature i've done:)
I tryed to use more of the analogue sketch and to reduce the digital work for a more natural look.

22 May 2010

Udo Lindenberg

Famous german rockstar and living legend. Staying in the also famous Hotel Atlantic for many years now.
I posted this pic about two years ago, but i reworked it very much for an exhibition i'll make soon. New proportions, new colors, new details and many more corrections. Think it's much better now:)

12 May 2010

Adrien Brody

Medium quick Sketch - anlogue and digital.

3 May 2010

Wolfgang Joop

Famous german fashion designer. Looks very young, but i think he has many upgrades in his face:) I made a second version where i painted the scars from all the surgerys -
but it looks too morbid.

20 Apr 2010

Billy Drago

Evil, always bad tempered and delicious arrogant. Would enjoy him in a leading part of a crime series.

5 Apr 2010

B. B. King

First post for a longer time now. I tryed a few new brushes and messed around a bit. I'm not really satisfied with their coaction but i like the contrasts and the values very much in this one.

23 Mar 2010

Adriano Celentano

Il Molleggiato :) I still remember him chopping wood in "Innamorato Pazzo" with Ooooooornela Muti.

15 Mar 2010


Il grande Don Camillo. I liked him very much as i was a child - so it was a very nice weekend job (And he has an extremely thankful face for a caricaturist).

4 Mar 2010

Woody Allen

I wanted to draw a cool background, for example New York, but i havn't any time left right now. So here's just a preview. The finalized version must wait.

19 Feb 2010

Daniel Craig

A sunday (very) early morning sketch. Woke up at 5:30 a.m.! The hard winter confuses me completely. Today i finished it.
Btw. Think Craig is the best Bond since Sean Connery.

14 Feb 2010

Hairy Metal

Theme of the last Bilderwumme Drawing Night was Heavy Metal. In the 80s it means long hair, tight Jeans, crazy colors. This here was my dream:)

1 Feb 2010


... a famous fotographer and friend of mine. I made it as a birthday present on saturday.

25 Jan 2010

Frank Zappa

Seems I have a weakness for old men with beards:)
First I tried a few backgrounds, e. g. a poster of uncle Sam, but finally it was best without.
Furry greets

16 Jan 2010

Charles Bronson

"... i guess I look like a rock quarry that someone has dynamited."

© All artworks copyright by Joern Frank Gebert