27 May 2010

Keith Richards

What a face. Like the Grand Canyon. Always thinking if it's really a caricature i've done:)
I tryed to use more of the analogue sketch and to reduce the digital work for a more natural look.

22 May 2010

Udo Lindenberg

Famous german rockstar and living legend. Staying in the also famous Hotel Atlantic for many years now.
I posted this pic about two years ago, but i reworked it very much for an exhibition i'll make soon. New proportions, new colors, new details and many more corrections. Think it's much better now:)

12 May 2010

Adrien Brody

Medium quick Sketch - anlogue and digital.

3 May 2010

Wolfgang Joop

Famous german fashion designer. Looks very young, but i think he has many upgrades in his face:) I made a second version where i painted the scars from all the surgerys -
but it looks too morbid.

© All artworks copyright by Joern Frank Gebert