30 Dec 2007

Stones agin (70 x 60 cm)
Next try with oil, it works better and better. The following pictures i'll try something different than stones, but it's a very gratefull structure for painting. (stones never move)
I'm working hard on my new website, so i can't spend much time with my blog in the moment ...

8 Dec 2007

I try painting with oil again. It's so totally different to acrylics! Hard for people who can't wait like me. And it stinks. Piuuuu. But it's fun. This is an abstraction of stones in Croatia i photographed last summer.

27 Nov 2007

This picture is part of the serial of Roadcomics. I made it especially for my exhibition. It's printed on canvas in 150 x 60 cm (approx. 60 x 24 inches) and put on a stretcher with a depth of approx. 4 cm (1.5 inches). Looks great. I'll post some fotos the next days.

to all the people who party with me on my vernissage, it was a wonderfull and exciting evening.

17 Nov 2007

Meine Vernissage
Am 24. November ab 20:00 Uhr
Die menagerie in Hannover zeigt Zeichnungen und Grafiken von mir. Ihr seid alle herzlich eingeladen.

My vernissage
November 24th, 8:00 pm
The Menagerie in Hanover shows drawings and graphics of mine. You're all welcome.

4 Nov 2007

Asian warrior
It fits in my fictitious
serial of the astonished people, in fact i drew it 'cause my wife didn't want to see Full metal Jacked with me.

27 Oct 2007

Bulb Fiction
This artwork is a remake of a post a few month before. It looks similar but i made it completely new for my exibition - 24.11.07, 20:00 Uhr in the Menagerie in Hanover. I wanted to make it corresponding with this one, so i drew it new and colored it.

22 Oct 2007

Doodling around
Currently i'm in a doleful mood, like you can see in this picture. So i don't start new projects but doodled 'round
and made a smokin' whaler.
Remember: Never stop drawin'!

13 Oct 2007

Some Facedoodles
Think he's an arabic vizier who would like to be caliph instead of the caliph.

11 Oct 2007

Poor homeless goblin
I made this Artwork for ArtJumble. Theme of the week: witches, ghosts and goblins

7 Oct 2007

On a Party
Acryl on Canvas
80 cm x 100 cm

Inspired by Ricardos excellent analog work I took out brush and easel and painted two friends of mine.

29 Sep 2007

Pedal to the metal

In fact i want continue the series in B/W, but i saw this delicious blue/red- effect in an add and must try it. Drawing in B/W is different when you know that you will colourize later.

26 Sep 2007

Desert Cops
Actually i wanted to go on with the story from below, and i really did. But i'm not contended with the result up to now, so i decided to take up time.
This pic is two or three weeks old and was a part of a scribble for one of the panels below. I liked it and so i draw it up a bit.

18 Sep 2007

Cop story pt. 2
I told in my last post to make a story, so here is the next part! I'm a hopeless lousy writer so i decide to draw bit by bit. And you see here something totally new: text. I know it's german, so many won't understand, but it's my first time (colloquial english will be my next step)

8 Sep 2007

Cop story pt. 1
Back to the roots: 99% analog, only felt tip pen and paper. In fact i tried a colored version (with PC), but black and white fits better 'cause of the hard shadows. Perhaps i try a serial in this style (My wife tries persuading me)

4 Sep 2007

Please let me introduce Isabella, a blind, 68 years old coosie, here smootching her 17 years old Lover in a very wet way, surrounded of several drunken, bawling and dancing guys. Seen yesterday in the Schauspielhaus Hannover
. Very ... mmh ... impressive. And loud. It was culture. I hope.

30 Aug 2007

Fearful intermezzo
An Artist always show his innermost in his pictures - so i must be afraid of something. Looking to my picture it only could be something klingon!

25 Aug 2007

Holidays #2 Stones on Pag
There are so much stones in Croatia, sometimes it hurts.

22 Aug 2007

Holidays #1 Back from Croatia/Italy
with some sketches (made with my Edding 1800) of these very old and romantic villages. If someone would ban all this touristic primates it could be very nice there.

28 Jul 2007

Vacation · Vacances · Vacación · Kyuka
Back in end of august

23 Jul 2007

Last weekend i drove one (unfortunatly not mine) - exciting! ... and they made a very expensive foto of me. Hope i will keep my license ...

Amendment just for Thies: i keep it, but they just sent me a detail. Think it will be delicate to ask for the whole one)

15 Jul 2007

My new pen

I bought a new pen, a brushpen and it's from japan. It only makes japanese strokes so i draw a japanese picture, at least i tried.

7 Jul 2007

verb surprise greatly; astonish. Derivatives: amazement (noun.)

3 Jul 2007

Back to brush and easel

Last weekend i was teed of my PC and needed to create analog. So i took brushes, canvas, acrylic colors and painted a city. (120 x 40 cm) My wife says, I worked trough my fear of heights and may be she's right.

29 Jun 2007

Something critical

I made it a few days ago, after the disappointing G8-Summit. It's the guy from two posts before, i found he was worth to resume.

20 Jun 2007

This is a really difficult post because of his format. I want to be prepared to make a really huge print out of it (someday) so the resolution in original is very high (about 7000 x 2500px and my RAM was annealing)

12 Jun 2007


A few faces, drawn while relaxing in the evening sun at the canal, shaded later with PS

9 Jun 2007

Pirate 2

Obviously inpired by Satzingers last post: Three states of my latest drawing.

2 Jun 2007


I love Piratemovies, exp. the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogie. The third part is out now . Probably the reason for this post.

29 May 2007

Kids club

Still interested in having childs?

25 May 2007

Petanque masters
This sport is really encredible, belive me!

23 May 2007

Back again ...
after nearly one month with three weeks of sunshine (really hot, it was impos-
sible to work), a new time-
bandit (see left), one and a half week with a blown PC, one shorttrip to Berlin and one to Bremen i found the way back to my computer. Presenting a fantastic sport: Petanque. Smoking, drinking and sport, all at the same time ... amazing. By the way, the left one on the upper picture is a Ketscha. Ketsch-En is a special
illuminated asiatic throwing-technic that only a real Ketscha may control.

27 Apr 2007


Remember "Deliverance" with Burt?

21 Apr 2007

Cute fairy?
I really dont't know the reason for sketching this.
it's a mixture of impressions i got while looking the beautifull Fairys on Marcelo Vignalis blog, the stunning Landscapes on Todd Harris blog and the the horror of "germanys next topmodell" yesterday evening.

19 Apr 2007

Threesome, sketched wednesday evening while looking this boooooring german tv

14 Apr 2007


Damn, i enjoy the Rotring Artpen

11 Apr 2007

Ugly guy

Inspired by friend Olfies newest drawing, i tried my old Rotring- Artpen. I don't like working with it, but nevertheless i like the result.

6 Apr 2007

I just came back from a short-trip to Paris. Vine and beer is very expensive in these typical street-cafes (i needed one and a half beer for the sketch), but you never find in any place of the world more people doing the same thing like you in the same location at the same time (drawing and drinking).

31 Mar 2007

The only good thing in grandmas annual self-knitted christmas-pullovers is that you can't really show your happyness about.

26 Mar 2007

Two scribbled faces, done while boring sunday-evening tv.
Think the left one was a german politician, i forget his name.

18 Mar 2007

Sunday the 18th, 0:36, Hanover, Otto-Brenner-Str. (while the Cebit):
Chicks go wild, guys pay.

© All artworks copyright by Joern Frank Gebert