28 Jul 2007

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Back in end of august

23 Jul 2007

Last weekend i drove one (unfortunatly not mine) - exciting! ... and they made a very expensive foto of me. Hope i will keep my license ...

Amendment just for Thies: i keep it, but they just sent me a detail. Think it will be delicate to ask for the whole one)

15 Jul 2007

My new pen

I bought a new pen, a brushpen and it's from japan. It only makes japanese strokes so i draw a japanese picture, at least i tried.

7 Jul 2007

verb surprise greatly; astonish. Derivatives: amazement (noun.)

3 Jul 2007

Back to brush and easel

Last weekend i was teed of my PC and needed to create analog. So i took brushes, canvas, acrylic colors and painted a city. (120 x 40 cm) My wife says, I worked trough my fear of heights and may be she's right.

© All artworks copyright by Joern Frank Gebert