25 Apr 2008

American football

I assume that i will never really understand this sport (and i hate the misuse of the word football), but the action is garanteed and the guys are looking sooo cool. Worth to draw them. So here are a few studies.

19 Apr 2008

Steamers and engineers pt.2

Two more sketches of my confidential railway-projekt. Update: I added a colored version.

13 Apr 2008

Steamers and engineers pt.1

I thought about color, but the pictures always lost depth when i started. Probably some pictures want to stay black and white ...
(and maybe i start a second try later)

6 Apr 2008

Cherry blossom

Ok, it's a big knive for cutting some cherry blossoms and she doesn't look overly pleased. At first i wanted to splatter blood all around, but my wife tempered my murderous frenzy and inspired me in drawing something peaceful instead.

© All artworks copyright by Joern Frank Gebert