29 Sep 2007

Pedal to the metal

In fact i want continue the series in B/W, but i saw this delicious blue/red- effect in an add and must try it. Drawing in B/W is different when you know that you will colourize later.

26 Sep 2007

Desert Cops
Actually i wanted to go on with the story from below, and i really did. But i'm not contended with the result up to now, so i decided to take up time.
This pic is two or three weeks old and was a part of a scribble for one of the panels below. I liked it and so i draw it up a bit.

18 Sep 2007

Cop story pt. 2
I told in my last post to make a story, so here is the next part! I'm a hopeless lousy writer so i decide to draw bit by bit. And you see here something totally new: text. I know it's german, so many won't understand, but it's my first time (colloquial english will be my next step)

8 Sep 2007

Cop story pt. 1
Back to the roots: 99% analog, only felt tip pen and paper. In fact i tried a colored version (with PC), but black and white fits better 'cause of the hard shadows. Perhaps i try a serial in this style (My wife tries persuading me)

4 Sep 2007

Please let me introduce Isabella, a blind, 68 years old coosie, here smootching her 17 years old Lover in a very wet way, surrounded of several drunken, bawling and dancing guys. Seen yesterday in the Schauspielhaus Hannover
. Very ... mmh ... impressive. And loud. It was culture. I hope.

© All artworks copyright by Joern Frank Gebert