23 May 2007

Back again ...
after nearly one month with three weeks of sunshine (really hot, it was impos-
sible to work), a new time-
bandit (see left), one and a half week with a blown PC, one shorttrip to Berlin and one to Bremen i found the way back to my computer. Presenting a fantastic sport: Petanque. Smoking, drinking and sport, all at the same time ... amazing. By the way, the left one on the upper picture is a Ketscha. Ketsch-En is a special
illuminated asiatic throwing-technic that only a real Ketscha may control.


Tali said...

you've got a great understanding of the human figure.
I'm still working on it :)

Oswina said...

Konzentration in totaler Vollendung,einfach sehr,sehr gut.

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