2 Mar 2008


I used a sketch i've done one year before but made it completely new. The headline is only a japanese type - i don't have any idea what i wrote there. I hope it's nothing indecent.


bog_art said...

This looks really good!!.. It has a manga air style.. but it is not.. haha.. I hope it is nothing indecent either..

Cobos said...

Hi Jörn!!
I like this illustration.
The soft colour is great.
And "remake" is really awesome!
great atmosphere.
Sorry for my english.

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Great Illustration Jörn!!The type looks cool, and that's what matters (as long as its not something indecent, hahaha!!!) Nice work!

libra bear said...

cool image, havent bee n here in a while, your work is still great, is the Jap Txt a font?

jeremy melton said...

Gorgeous. Beautifully done.

geo said...

Hi , i just discover your blog , very nice ,

Wayne Porter said...

your line work is wonderful! I'll be back to see more.

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