19 May 2008

... was hat die Zeit aus uns gemacht...?

It's a caricature of the famous german rockstar and living legend Udo Lindenberg and above it's a line of his brandnew song (It means: "What did the time with us ...")
In the background you can see the also famous hotel Atlantic in Hamburg where he is living now for about 30 years.

(bro' Uwe helped a lot by the amendment of the draft - thanks therefor)


Cobos said...

Hi Jörn!
Amazing ilklustrations!
I like the lights and shadows.

bog_art said...

Great work man!.. stunning piece!.. you are a really caricaturist artist!!..

shou' said...

Sweet caricature!

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Hey Jorn! This is soo cool man. Excellent post my friend!

pablo pablo said...

Great!! Very good caricature...

ramanjit said...

great piece of art.

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