29 Jun 2008

Zoo Hannover

... überall Kinder und die Tiere halten nicht für 10 sek. still! Da muss man schnell sein - oder mann geht zu den Elefanten, die sind langsam genug:)
... childs everywhere and no animal keeps still for only 10 sec. at least! You must be fast - or you take the elefants, they are slowly enough:)


belmhern said...

Dear Jörn: Thank you for your comment, and I feel that once again becomes Germany 2 nd in another final.Pero must be acknowledged that the Spanish football today is the best ...
Porcierto drawings ... one pass as ever.
greetings from my blog.

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Hi Jörn! I also been at the local zoo few weeks ago, and you're absolutely right about the elephants! They are slow, but what funny shapes they have don't you think? I love zoos. Great works here my friend! Very delicate. Loved the line work!

Mahou Setun López said...

Delicate and strong line, I am charmed with your work. You have very much control in your hands and many quality.

Edwin Rosell said...

HOOWEEE! Stunning work! Glad I found your blog.

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