28 Sep 2008

Bob Dylan

Nicht ganz neu, aber ganz frisch aufgearbeitet.
Not quite new, but just replenished.


Dominic Philibert said...

Nice nice nice!
You did a really good job!
Love the expression!
Keep in touch
and by the way thanx for the comments

Edo draaijer said...

Very very nice. The lighting on the face is superb.

jamir said...

I like your work!!

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

It`s really cool Jorn! Looks so much like him!! Best!!

Julkillo said...

Nice blog,you´ve very interesting works.I like it very much

Joseph Lee said...

Very cool painting! Love it!

Juampa said...

It might be not brand new, Jorn, but is absollutelly stunning like all your stuff.

All the best dude, keep on with the inspirating work.


Cobos said...

Hi Jörn!
Great caricature!!!!
Long life to Dylan!!

bog_art said...

In my opinion, one of the best caricatures I have seen of him.. I love the color!.. and thanks for your words, I still trying to do sketchs as good as yours.. greetings my friend!..

Boris Andreev said...

I'm having fun browsing your blog... Lot's of great stuff!


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