26 Oct 2008


Ich jetzt auch auf der Bilderwumme. Hammerinspiration Tag für Tag von den Großmeistern des Graphikuniversums, quasi den Monsters of blog. Und jeden zweiten Montag im Monat gibt's da auch niemals gesehene, atemberaubende Graphiken von mir.
Now i' m also contributing on the excellent and famous Bilderwumme too. Inspiration day by day from the grandmasters of the grafic-universe, the monsters of blog. And every second monday i' ll post never-seen and breathtaking pieces there.


bog_art said...

Wow man!.. now your art work is where it should be.. between the best.. I don't know if your "kinski" post was unsuccessful, but I love the expression and the textures.. cheers my friend!..

PS: I am not sure about I will win, haha, but I am sure for me it is an award you think I could win..

Ken said...

hey dude! Great image, I recognised him straight away! congrats on contributing to that website, looks a lot of fun!

© All artworks copyright by Joern Frank Gebert