7 Nov 2008

Bruce Willis

Es gab eine Version mit Blut im Gesicht (Bruce ist immer voll Blut), ich hab mich dann aber doch für eine entschärfte Variante entschieden.
There was a version with blood in his face (Bruce is always full of blood), but i decided to take the more innocent layout.


Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Huahuahauhaua!!! You're doing wonderful caricatures Jorn!! Post more. These are really great!!

Joseph Lee said...

Superb! You captured the likeness beautifully!

Ken said...

love it man! its very well executed!

oh... i have tagged you! check out my blog for more info and the rules of this little blogger game :D

ken :D

Anonymous said...


bog_art said...

Haha.. I agree with Joseph, and you are right, he always has blood every where..

RAWLS said...

haha.. great work my friend. Bruce is lookin pretty old!

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