12 Jan 2009

Lord of rings

Diese digitale Landschaft entstand eigentlich ohne vorher irgendeinen Fantasystreifen gesehen zu haben. Aber meine Frau sagt, es sähe aus wie im Herrn der Ringe. Ich glaube, sie hat recht.
I painted this digital landscape without any reason, but my wife said it looks like somewhere in lord of rings. Probably she's right.


Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Hi Jörn!!! Your wife is right! Looks like you pulled the image right from Middle Earth! Great piece!
PS: If my wife were an art director she'd be making millions, hahaha... We do have to listen to them!

Juampa said...

Jörn!!! This background is very inspirating, very nice painting my frien!!


Fred Studart said...

Great work man! Beautiful landscape.
By the way, excellent works. Your black and white drawings are simply awesome.

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Thanks for your support my friend! All the best to you!!!!

Pito said...

Great work.

Awesome blog.


robi pena said...

Hallo Jörn!! Und ich stimme deiner Frau zu, sieht toll aus und hat irgendwas aus dem Film «Herrn der Ringe» :-))!! Gruss aus der Schweiz!

ian said...

Oh Wow! Really like this, moody and atmospheric. Stellar.

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