20 Mar 2009

Retro SciFi

Thema unserer 10. (!) Bilderwumme Drawing Night war retro-scifi. Ich dachte mehr an die Jetsons, aber Lutz hatte so fantastische, inspirierende Star Wars Bücher dabei - also wurde alles anders.
Theme of our 10th (!) Bilderwumme Drawing Night was retro-scifi. Actually i thought in the Jetsons, but Lutz had a few fantastic inspiring Star Wars books - so everything become different.


Thies said...

schönes ding! toll auch der immens wichtige rückspiegel!

bog_art said...

Wonderful my friend!.. excelent new work also.. I love yuor traditional paintings.. I have tried to use your way to sketch but I still can't do it.. =P probably you will need to do a tutorial for us.. haha, just kidding..

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