16 Jan 2010

Charles Bronson

"... i guess I look like a rock quarry that someone has dynamited."


Erich said...

Schade, dass er schon gestorben ist. War ein guter Schauspieler. Deine Karikatur hat ihn wirklich gut getroffen! Den Bart hast du gut hinbekommen. Wie in Echt. :-)

Gruß Erich

Cobos said...

Incredible caricatures!
The colours are so great.
Congratulation Jörn!

Patrick Strogulski said...

Was für eine Haarpracht,schöner Schattenwurf aufs Gesicht, sehr gelungene Augenpartie - 1A

Daniel said...

Hi Joern,

I liked very very much the experiment with watercolours from above. These people on the strange lights are very strange and beautiful! Congratulations! Ah, and... are you fan of Yes music? Yes with Anderson, Brufford, Wakeman, Howe, Squire? It's very strange for me. I was absolute fan in my adolescent times, but I didn't knew nobody with my preference on that. Well, now... I'm listening more UB40 than Yes... My brain has a lot of Yes, ha ha! Well, I draw too, so I want to invite you to see it. Cheers!

Jörn said...

Hey Erich, schön dich zu lesen. Danke dir, wollte demnäx mal rumkommen (ist gerade nur zu kalt)
@Cobos: ¡gracias!
@Patrick: Dank dir auch, hatte so einige Schwierigkeiten mit dem Bild. Der Bronson wollte nich!
@Daniel: Thank you too, i gonna have a look!

Flavio Cuellar said...

Realmente impresionante tu trabajo, al nivel de los mejores del planeta!!
Really impressive your work, at the level of the best of the planet!!

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