19 Feb 2010

Daniel Craig

A sunday (very) early morning sketch. Woke up at 5:30 a.m.! The hard winter confuses me completely. Today i finished it.
Btw. Think Craig is the best Bond since Sean Connery.


Patrick Strogulski said...

Sehr schön gemacht, der leicht melancholische Blick passt gut zu ihm.

Mike Eppe said...

Toll gemacht!

"TORI CAT" said...

Ahh ha ha ha!!
Love it!!
Sorry i have not been in touch sooner!! Been super busy lately!!!
Great stuff!! Im a big fan of your work!!
Thank you for all your kind comments and stopping by my blog.
Hope all is well and keep up the lovely stuff.
By the way, Yes many hours were spent drawing my latest illustration (The lion portrait).... but believe it or not... it was my most rushed piece for the series of illustrations!!
I spent the most time on the tiger laying down.... It took many hours trying to capture the volume in the stripes on his body!!.... but really fun!! I love what i do and its been a fantastic little project to work on. ..... just hope my illustrations will now sell in aid of raising money for the big cat charity.
Thanks again and all the best!!

BODARD said...

Grande ressemblance, et bravo pour le choix des couleurs froides !

Great likeness, and cold colours are a very good choice as well. Congrats !

Jörn said...

Danke euch Patrick und Mike. Thanks Tori, I like your stuff very much as well, will pass by soon. And good luck for the big cat charity;). Merci Bodard, the likeness wasn't easy on this one, because Craig got such a ... clean face:)

Pavel Jakubec said...


bog_art said...

You never stop my friend!.. you never stop!.. Amazing one!.. By the way, yes, I did that Resident Evil illustration with mouse!.. lot of fun!..

G1toons said...

ha ha these caricatures are great

Clifwith1f said...

Amazing! Looks a little like Vladamir Putin, with that stare...

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