19 Jun 2010

Harry Shearer from Spinal Tap

It's nice but different drawing a face nobody really knows (only with beard and metal-outfit:)


Poussinaute said...

I don't know him, but as you told : it's nice to see something different sometimes !
For me, your drawing is a pleasure ; thanks !

Kacey said...

lol didn't know him as well, I really like how you did the hair and character in the mouth. Great job:)

Jörn said...

Thank you too Poussinaute.
Thanks Kacey. Know your work from FB, very impressive! Will be a pleasure to visit your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures you have, up here, but a quick tip; I believe the band's called Spinal Tap.

Jörn said...

Thanks Anonymous. And Oops, you're right. Must be Spinal TaP:)

John Smith said...

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