14 Apr 2011

Rain again

This should actually only become a sketch for a following page, but
probably my pencil got crazy :)


♥AMBre said...

J'aime cette ambiance, bravo pour ce dessin Jörn ! Coucou de ton amie française.

José Gutiérrez de Juan / Kenny / Pochinwin said...


your draws are simply great!

next days i will send a box for you, with "Versos del aliento" and a lot of gifts for you, i hope you are so welll and smiling most of the day, man.


Jörn said...

Merci AMBre :) Kuckuck
Hi Kenny - long time no see man :) I can't await to see your book - I'm proud to have my picture inside. And yeesss, I have a smile in my face ... I only need sun therefor.

Patrick Strogulski said...

Seeehr cool, klasse Teil !

Jörn said...

Danke Patrick :)

Anonymous said...

wahnsinn!! Toll

Jörn said...

Vielen Dank Chris:)

Brett Price said...

Looks like an MG

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