16 Feb 2008


This was an elder sketch (from 06). I didn't like it so it disappeared in the depths of my harddrive. Today i colored it (in fact i tried a color theme) - now it looks better.


jeremy melton said...

Looks great to me!

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Great work Jörn!! I really love the color and illumination. By the way, I loved your website too. Congratulations buddy!!!

Juampa said...

Amazing Jörn!! i love the lighting!!


EL GRANDE said...

Lovely image and great blog. Your ink sketches are especially impressive.

Joe y Elio

bog_art said...

I have seen you usually use red colors and then you changed then into blue colors.. is there any reason to do it??.. I agree with Jeremy.. it looks great to me..

Jörn said...

@ all: Thanks for your kind comments, i will reciprocate.

@ricardo: You like? I'm not really contendet with my site, so there will be a few adjustments soon. But thanks for commendation.

@ bógar: The reason for the coloring is easy: as i wrote, it wasn't my best sketch, so i tried to make the most of it. This classical cold/warm-contrast is always a great stylistic device to make pictures look better. And i like it;)

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