25 Apr 2008

American football

I assume that i will never really understand this sport (and i hate the misuse of the word football), but the action is garanteed and the guys are looking sooo cool. Worth to draw them. So here are a few studies.


robi pena said...

War soeben gerade vorbei gekommen, aber wie ich sehe hast du ein neuer «post»: sehr schöne ilustrationen!! Hast eine sehr saubere und brilliante linie :-)!!

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Totally agree with you Jörn! They are really cool on those armours.... (and why the hell do they call it "'foot'ball"?).. These are great my friend!

bog_art said...

Really, I have a hard time understand this sport too.. but baseball is my nemesis.. haha.. this studio is really well done! and your last post is just great.. it reminds me a japanese movie I saw this weekend: The castle in the sky.. congratulations my friend!..

PS: Gracias for your words!..

GhettoFab said...

love all the action and movement in this post! youve done loads of goodies!

the Steamers and engineers in the previous post are phenominal as well Jörn

Wouldve loved it to make it out your way:( plan on goin to europe lots more and will definately let you know when i make it to your neck of the woods

Ken said...

I really like the energy in these drawings :)

767 said...

This is a neat one seeing as I am an American, and really enjoy football. However, I do agree with you about the name; handball makes for sense in my opinion.

Anyway, I am glad I stumbled upon your site, and look forward to coming back again soon to see your new works!

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