6 Apr 2008

Cherry blossom

Ok, it's a big knive for cutting some cherry blossoms and she doesn't look overly pleased. At first i wanted to splatter blood all around, but my wife tempered my murderous frenzy and inspired me in drawing something peaceful instead.


Henning Ahlers said...

So sind'se!

Aber mach auch ruhig mal was mit ordentlich Blut drinne!
Schaden kann 's nich'!

Marcos Mateu said...

Nice pose. It does work well in this peaceful approach!
Nice tree shadow on the floor too

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Excellent character Jörn. Where would we be without our wives? Great piece my friend.
PS: There's a little something on my blog I'd like you to see!

Alina Chau said...

nice character!

Mokuu said...

Bro, you work's got soul, thanks for passing by my small blog and sorry you had to see those lol. Ill be passing here more often, Traditional mediums for life bro !

Ken said...

oh I really like that top image! Great pose and colours. Superb!

Roberto Zaghi said...

Following a wifes' suggestion is always a good thing when it comes to draw female characters:) Very nice pose and colors, cool stuff!

bog_art said...

Well.. no blood, but her dress is enough red to make us think that she is not as peaceful as she looks.. great expression and movement!!.. ahh.. and you catched me, I added the wacom at the end of the draw.. I was so tired and lazy.. haha..

PS: I don't think the little frog is toxic.. or that is what I heard.. =)

Joern said...

@ henning: ...gibt noch ne private Version.
@ marcos: thanks
@ ricardo: thanks, btw the little thing is great ...
@ alina: thank you
@ mokuu: Thank you too, but i have to say: mixed mediums for life ;)
@ ken: thnx
@ roberto: you are very right!!
@ bógar: ... when i add the blood i swear i will make her suit green, ok? ...we are all tired and lazy!?

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